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Package Options

Custom Team Building Experiences

Tailored Team Building Retreats

Each ropes retreat is tailored to meet the group's goals and needs for their individual event. Our staff can assist you choose the right package and high elements for your event. Facilitators select low course activities based on the team's dynamics, abilities, and desired outcomes. All ropes retreats include team debrief sessions that are facilitated by trained staff. Ropes retreats can include time for lunch/dinner/snack, team meetings, and more. 


Choose between packages that fit your schedule, price range, and goals.

Ropes Retreat Package Options

Low Course Event (Up to 2 1/2 Hours)

  • Focus on team development, communication, trust, and more

  • No high elements included

1/2 Day Event (3 Hours)

  • Low course and one high element of your choice (Zip Line, Climbing Wall, or Faith Pole)

3/4 Day Event (Up to 5 Hours)

  • Low course and two high elements of your choice (Zip Line, Climbing Wall, or Faith Pole)

Full Day Event (Up to 6 Hours)

  • Low course and three high elements (Zip Line, Climbing Wall, and Faith Pole)

U-Course Event (Up to 5 Hours)

  • Ages 14+

  • Designed for groups who have visited the Shiloh Adventure Course before or have prior ropes course experience

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