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Adventure Education

Benefits of Adventure Education

Adventure education works because of its element of risk, immediate and concrete consequences, unfamiliar environment, the game like atmosphere, focus on reflection and support, and the opportunity for meaningful contributions.​

Is it Safe?

Safety is paramount at the Shiloh Adventure Course. Each high and low ropes course element is facilitated by a certified instructor. Our instructors work together as a team to insure the best and safest experience possible.

Team Building Benefits

Participants get real-time practice in behavior modification and are able as a result of experience to see the effects of appropriate interaction with others. The Shiloh Adventure Course allows teams to immediately experience the concrete results of actions and a facilitator will help guide the team through ways of reflection in order to better the team.

The Opportunity for Meaningful Contributions

Every person in an adventure education experience has a role to play and an opportunity to contribute to the success of the group. In fact, it is imperative that each participant make his or her contribution if the group is to succeed.

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